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Sid Hussmann

Sid Hussmann


Sid Hussmann CTO and Co-founder of Gapfruit

My career started as an industrial systems engineer - building custom assembly lines that combined electronics, mechanics, electrical wiring, and pneumatics with robotics. It was the ultimate expansion of Lego Technics. I loved to build new systems and how different disciplines came together. Nevertheless, I took a deep dive into electrical engineering and specialized in embedded systems and firmware development. I worked in R&D of HW/SW co-design for IoT systems for three years. Since 2011, I’ve been in the defensive security industry - another field where different disciplines come together, first as a firmware engineer and then later as lead systems architect. I was responsible for a framework for various security products: 100G link encryption, VPN, VoIP, and secure radio communication. I was also part of a team that developed a secure notebook for governmental agencies, including a new operating system for highly classified information. In early 2018, I co-founded Gapfruit to bring academic security research to real-world products. I still love to build.

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