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Rajiv Ranjan Singh

Rajiv Ranjan Singh

A.P. Moller - Maersk

I am Software Engineer at A.P. Moller - Maersk. I graduated this year from JSSATE Bengaluru within Information Science & Engineering branch. I considered myself a Polymath and believe in rigorous and intuitive learning. Spend the majority of the time exploring different types of algorithms and contributing to open source. My interest lies in the fields of Algorithms, Computational Science, and Distributed Computing.

My open-source contributions:

  • I did GSoD ‘20 with gRPC-Gateway, my project was on Refactoring the Existing Docs Site of gRPC-Gateway.
  • I did GSoD ‘21 with Wechaty, my project was on improving the gRPC and OpenAPI ecosystem.
  • I did LFX Mentorship Fall ‘21 with moja global, my project was on Cloud-native measurement, reporting, and validation of carbon emissions.
  • I did GSoC ‘22 with Keptn, my project was on New Documentation Site Engine for Keptn.

Currently, I’m mentoring for GSoC ‘23 with Jenkins, focusing on building Jenkins.io with alternative tools. In the past, I’ve contributed to various open-source libraries and projects, including SymPy, SunPy, SciRuby, Backstage, gRPC-Gateway, SymEngine, Appwrite, and moja global (funded by Linux Foundation). I’ve also participated in open-source programs such as BITSoC ‘20 (2nd place), GSSoC ‘20, and JMoC ‘20.

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