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Detail illustration WASM I/O Detail illustration WASM I/O
Sylwia Vargas
Ramón Huidobro
Oscar Spencer

Your next challenge: making WASM more approachable

Sylwia Vargas - StackBlitz / Ramón Huidobro - Suborbital / Oscar Spencer - Suborbital

As a community, we haven’t yet quite figured out how to make WASM sound approachable. We are how we speak - and currently, we sound arcane and complicated. This interactive panel will present opportunities for communal brainstorming on how to get more people onboard without running a whole workshop.

It is a familiar scene: an experienced dev explaining WASM to newbies - the more they talk, the less their audience understands not only about WASM but about the Internet in general. Confusion ensues. With every minute passing, WASM sounds more and more like an arcane practice and not a technology one can actually learn.

While it is important to know a technology well to be able to build with it and push its limits, it’s also important to be able to start learning it. Let’s talk about the learning roadmap of WASM which, if done right, can help not only new devs but also your low-technical PM or non-technical marketing colleague.

This panel will be interactive - you will not only be invited to ask questions but also to brainstorm a better future for WASM education with us. As a community, let’s team up in WASM adoption!

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