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Detail illustration WASM I/O Detail illustration WASM I/O
Dan Gohman

The World of WASI

Dan Gohman - Fastly


WASI Preview2 is the name for the next major iteration of the WASI Command APIs in development, including WASI filesystem, and now also including WASI sockets. Based on the new Wit IDL, they offer much better bindings for non-C-like languages, much better virtualizability, and establish some important infrastructure for future WASI evolution. And, they have much more complete documentation, including some demos that you can run yourself to see how everything works. I’ll talk about the new features and design changes and show off some demos!

WASI HTTP and WASI Cloud are two families of WASI proposals in development that show how WASI is about more than just POSIX APIs. I’ll talk about these new APIs, and I’ll discuss Worlds, and the infrastructure we’re building to all users and embedders to use just the APIs they need for their use cases.

And finally, I’ll discuss the future of WASI. The Component Model gives us powerful new tools for composability, virtualizability, typed interfaces, and more. What will it look like as we built out more of the System Interface with these tools? I’ll give a brief tour of the future as it looks like with these tools in hand!

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