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Detail illustration WASM I/O Detail illustration WASM I/O
P J Laszkowicz

From Event-Driven to Automotive

P J Laszkowicz - Omnifi Foundation


A showcase and discussion of modern event-driven architecture, extended through WebAssembly, which enables re-usable domain logic to be injected by the customers, from an infrastructure level, all the way through services and web applications, to embedded software in EV vehicles.

A showcase of several projects delivered over the past few years, which utilise practical applications of WebAssembly at every level of a service’s architecture. This will begin with how we started applying WebAssembly at an infrastructure level by extending large scale clusters and applying zero-trust policies across complex systems using a single codebase.

Moving into the service layer, we will discuss modern event-driven architecture, and then discuss how adding gRPC and WebAssembly not only provided our own teams with a richer toolkit, reduced effort, and an ability to extend their machine learning capabilities into the event-queue itself, but also enabled the services to be opened to third-party developers through rich, sandboxed, software development kits.

Finally we will touch upon our work with using WebAssembly in the browser for optimizing machine learning tasks, in a privacy-preserving manner using federated learning, and then how we took part of this same work and applied it into upcoming state-of-the-art electric vehicles.

Our discussion will cover why we made these decisions with the inherent risks, and also why we are continuing with WebAssembly, after the lessons learned through these processes.

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