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Detail illustration WASM I/O Detail illustration WASM I/O
Kevin Moore

Flutter, Dart, and WASM-GC: A new model for Web applications

Kevin Moore - Google


Support for garbage collection within WebAssembly (WASM-GC) will bring a host of new languages and frameworks to the web app space. Learn how the Dart and Flutter teams at Google are building on WASM-GC (among other upcoming standards) to bring richer, faster, more consistent applications to the web

Until now, WASM-compiled browser applications have been mostly limited to systems programming languages – allowing a number of traditionally desktop experiences to run on the web. (Think AutoCad, PhotoShop, Google Earth.) The implementation of WASM-GC across WASM runtimes will bring a set of new languages and frameworks to an ecosystem dominated by C/C++ and Rust. The open source Dart and Flutter projects at Google have spent over a year adding WebAssembly as a target platform with the hope of improving application load time and interactive performance for Flutter experiences on the web. This talk will cover how WASM-GC expands the WASM ecosystem, some details on how Flutter and Dart approached migrating our existing JS-compiled web support to WebAssembly, and our hopes for a ecosystem that embraces WASM-GC across the browser and server to enable a more portable, secure, and interoperable future of computer systems.

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