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Detail illustration WASM I/O Detail illustration WASM I/O
Angel De Miguel
Rafael Fernández López

Develop serverless apps with Wasm Workers Server

Angel De Miguel - VMware / Rafael Fernández López - VMware


In this talk, we will explore how WebAssembly brings new benefits to the Serverless architecture and how to develop and run applications following this model with the Wasm Workers Server Open-Source project. You will learn how to create your first serverless application as Wasm modules!

This architecture is not new. It allows you to focus on the business logic of your applications. You develop the functions that process users’ requests and return a result. These independent units compose services. Then, frameworks and providers connect these pieces so users can access them.

WebAssembly is a natural fit for this model. The small binary format simplifies the distribution process. The ability to compile multiple languages into Wasm opens the possibility to mix and match them in the same project. The sandboxing and capability-based model ensures the functions are isolated without the cold start of other solutions like VMs and containers.

Wasm Workers Server is an Open-Source project to develop applications following this model. It simplifies how to create and run serverless applications in different languages. All the functions, or workers, run inside the WebAssembly sandbox.

After this talk, you will understand the benefits that WebAssembly brings to the serverless ecosystem. You will learn how to program your first application using Wasm Workers Server, by creating different functions in multiple languages.

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