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Detail illustration WASM I/O Detail illustration WASM I/O
Samy Fodil

Build Interplanetary WebAssembly Clouds with Taubyte

Samy Fodil - Taubyte

WebAssembly alongside Web 3.0 technologies, like IPFS, are enabling innovative ways to build and scale software.

Leveraging these technologies, at Taubyte we built an easy to deploy, open source distributed Cloud platform that allows developers to rapidly build Interplanetary Serverless Applications.

This workshop will be divided in three parts:

  • Use an existing Cloud network
  • Use local network
  • Build your own network

Part 1 - Deploy your first serverless dFunctions (30min)

  • Use Taubyte Web Console:
    • Create a project on github
    • Create your first dFunction (Go or Rust)
    • Examine built WASM
  • Use tau cli:
    • Login to git
    • Clone project
    • Add a function

Part 2 - Dreamland (Run a cloud on your laptop) (25min)

  • Install dreamland
  • Import your project on dreamland
  • Branch your code and test changes locally

Part 3 - Build your own Network (60min) In this section we will have resources to deploy 3 networks, so you will have to work in groups.

  • Install spore-drive
  • Create a configuration for your node(s)
  • Configure DNS
  • Deploy
  • Connect with Web Console
  • Enjoy!
  • VSCode or similar
  • Go & Rust (optional)
  • Docker

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