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Detail illustration WASM I/O Detail illustration WASM I/O
Jarrod Overson

Async, bidirectional streams in WebAssembly

Jarrod Overson - Candle

Come for the async; stay for the bidirectional, reactive streams. WasmRS brings RSocket inside WebAssembly to deliver high-performance, asynchronous streaming on standard WASM.

Current WebAssembly needs layer upon layer of care and consideration before you can use it in real-world applications. Jarrod has been adding, removing, and refining layers for years as he’s seen WebAssembly hit new limits. WasmRS is the latest iteration at ironing out major pain points with WebAssembly in real-world, high-performance situations. Use asynchronous, reactive streams complete with automatic fragmentation and back pressure as naturally as you would in native code. All with standard WebAssembly.

This talk will show you how to build a streaming WebAssembly module in under ten lines of code. We’ll build a small wasm module that can handle gigantic files or remote streams without breaking a sweat and finish with a visual demo of wasmRS powering browser graphics.

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